The Pit Stop

June 21, 2010 5:59 PM

Weekend Thoughts And More

I though the racing on Saturday and Sunday was great.

Road America had solid action even if Carl Edwards was fully dominating the race.  I just hope after the next few races the action does not die down.  Seemed liked some drivers were still getting used to the track.

I have no clue what Marcos was thinking at the end of the race on Sunday.  It is one thing to shut off the motor to coast and save gas, but to do it when you are going up a hill was just nuts!?!?!?  I highly doubt he really even saved any gas with crazy maneuver.    He wound up loosing spots on the track and his first Sprint Cup win.

NASCAR made the right call though under the rules though.

I think every single car driver and crew chief learned a valuable lesson at the of that race.

Martin Truex Jr. is mad at Jeff Gordon in the race.  Look for this feud to not even last one week as well.

It was real nice to see Robby Gordon with a solid finish.

NASCAR in 3D is not that bad of a idea, but for a full race it would be too much imo.  Seeing just the highlights with all the major wrecks, and finish is enough for me.

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