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July 21, 2010 4:57 PM

Carl Edwards Penalty, More News, And Quick Thoughts

NASCAR is out with the penalty for both Carl Edwards and Brad Keslowski for the incident and the end of the race at Gateway.

Carl Edwards picks up:
  • A 60 point fine
  • A fine of 25,000
  • And is put on probation until the of the year
Jack Roush also gets a 60 point owners penalty.

Brad Keselowski only picks up a probation penalty, but it goes to the end of the year as well.

Bobby Labonte is going to be going back to drive to TRG Motorsports in four events with as the sponsor. They will be August 1 at Pocono, August. 15 at Michigan, September 5 at Atlanta, and November 7 at Texas.

The Press of Atlantic City is reporting that Gov. Cristie may have a NASCAR track built as part of his plans in order to help out Atlantic Cty. 

My quick thoughts on today's news:

I say that the penalty on Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski is totally fair.  Both drivers have been put on notice that really filthy driving will not be tolerated and NASCAR is saying they do not want to see a driver injured do to filthy driving as well. 

If you say Brad did not do anything wrong, I can agree with you on that point.  NASCAR though is only trying to stop him before he does something stupid on the track.

I will agree with people that say New Jersey is too congested as is for a NASCAR track.  If a person living in New Jersey wants to go to a NASCAR race they have many semi close options such as the track in Dover, Pocono, Watkins Glen, or Loudon.

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