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July 2, 2010 10:02 PM

Dale Jr. Does It At Daytona

Dale Jr. At Daytona 2010.jpgFor the first time ever the Nationwide Series cars are driving with what they are calling their COT cars. Dodge has brought the Challenger car with them. Ford brings out the Mustang. The cars are full of the same safety features as seen in the Sprint Cup car. Brad Keselowski won the poll for the event while Dale Earnhardt Jr. in a one time only ride in the #3 car for Richard Childress Racing is going to be starting third.

Kevin Harvick stated that he his car has not been that hard to drive.

The race starts with Dale Earnhardt Jr. passing Brad Keselowski to the lead of the race. Then on lap 3 it was Dale Jr. trying to get the lead of the race with a push from Kyle Busch. At lap seven the first caution comes out for Jennifer Jo Cobb and Johnny Chapman who crash big time out of turn four.

"The rear end just did not hold," said Jennifer Jo Cobb. She also stated that it was the first time she had someone on her bumper this week. "She got loose and spun in the corner," said Johny Chapmam.

The green flag drops on lap 12 and Kevin Harvick muscled his way into the lead. Then Carl Edwards moved his way into the lead of the race, but did not have it for many laps as Clint Boyer took it over as the race got into single file racing up front.

Lap 26 saw the return of side by side racing as Brad Keselowski took over leading the race again. Six more laps go by and as Brad Keselowski and Justin Allgaier was just about to make a pit stop Michael Annett spins his car out by the entrance to pit road. Both and Brad and Justin went through the grass to skip going on pit road and picking up a penalty.

When the green flag dropped Kyle Busch quickly took over the lead of the race, but then Joey Loagnao and Clint Boyer fought over the lead of the race with Clint winning it. Clint does not have the lead for long and Kyle Busch is back in the lead. More jockeying for the lead occurs and Justin Allgaier gets the lead back.
At lap 60 Paul Menard and his car starts slowing up big time. At this time it was Dale Jr. trying to get the lead of the race again with Kyle Busch taking the lead again. 10 laps later and Dale Jr. finally gets the leads the race but the caution comes out for debris.

The leaders pit for the second time tonight. Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch both miss their pit stall causing them extra time and positions on pit road. Greg Sacks though winds up with a penalty for having a tire out side of the pit box after he left his pits. Brad wound leaving the pits in 13th spot. Dale Earnhardt Jr. easily won the race off pit road.
The green flag drops with 26 laps left and Kevin Harvick pushes Dale Jr. into the lead of the race as the race quickly moves to single file racing. With 18 laps left Justin Allgaier who was around 10th place gets loose, winds up going below the yellow line to save his car, but also winds up killing momentum for the cars right behind him.

With 10 laps left Kevin Harvick was still right behind Dale Earnhardt Jr. for the lead of the race. Brad Keselowski as he moved his way back into sixth. With five laps left the caution finally comes out again as Paul Menard blows a tire. The caution though brought in most of the cars on the lead lap. Dale Jr., Kevin Harvick, Brad Keselowski, and a few more stay out. This brought out the green/white checker finish.

The flag drops and Joey Logano pushed Dale Jr. into the lead. On the final lap Joey looked outside one, but stayed right behind Dale as he went on to win the race.

"It means everything," said Tony Eury Jr. who was the crew chief for Dale Jr. tonight.

"I feel really lucky," said Dale Jr. on the win. "I'm proud of myself."

Richard Childress stated that the win brought back him memories of when Dale Sr. won here. Richard was the owner of the car tonight for the race.

"I was trying to win it," said Joey Loagno. "Second does not mean much to me in a Nationwide Series car."

Brad Keselowski stated that he just did not catch the right breaks.

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