The Pit Stop

July 5, 2010 5:37 PM

Daytona Weekend And Nathan's Hot Dog Contest Thoughts

It was nice to see no problems with both patches on the track for the two main races of the weekend.

Who does not mind seeing Dale Earnhard Jr. in victory lane.  I know I don't.  Brad Keselwoski might have won the race if it was not for his blown pit stop, but Dale had a great car all night long. 

The Saturday night race sure had some action, especially late.  

One late caution and the whole races turned upside down.  Steve Park and Kevin Conway get solid finishes they would never get under normal circumstances.

Nathan's Hot Dog contest thoughts:

Joey Chestnut needs Takeru Kobayashi, Takeru Kobayashi needs Joey Chestnut.  To have both of the eating in the same contest  would have brought Joey much closer to the world record for sure.   It was a totally different event, it was a totally different feel.  Joey was on cruise control for the whole match. 

A contract dispute by Takeru was certainly interesting news for a sport that ESPN hardly shows except for a couple days out of the year.

It was interesting to see Takeru at the contest, but his after match actions were like more interesting than the main event that occurred.M

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