The Pit Stop

July 18, 2010 11:16 AM

How Much Of A Penalty Is Carl Edwards Going To Get???

He we go again with yet one more Carl Edwards bump on Brad Keselowki.  The first one this year occurred at Atlanta. Now we get the last lap bump at Talladega.

Carl picked up a three race probation for his action at Atlanta.  Now that his is a repeat offender this year a harsher penalty will occur for sure by NASCAR.

I say it just could be a 6 race probation, a 50 grand fine, and a 50 point fine for his actions.  They could make it a little harsher and just give him the same points that Brad Keselowski picked up which would throw on another 9 points as it stands right now.  This was a not a small bump, this was one big bump that caused a mega wreck.  Even Brad needed help from another driver to smash into him in order to complete every single lap.

Carl Edwards can say he did not mean any harm in wrecking Brad, but Carl also does not want Brad to have a second or third place finish either. At least Carl Edwards in the post race interview did not hide that he wrecked Brad which was great.

NASCAR can say have at it boys, but with the actions by Carl Edwards this year you are going to have to wonder if that one driver is going to ruin it for the rest of them.

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