The Pit Stop

July 26, 2010 5:56 PM

Indy Thoughts

Boy does it suck to be Juan Pablo Montoya at Indy.  This is the second race in a row at Indy where he has had the most dominate car and then he totally has that one moment on the track that totally kills his day.

You just have to wonder if just taking two tires to keep the lead of the race was thew best thing to do.

I thought it was best to take four tires though at the late caution though.  I was fully wrong.

Another win by Jamie McMurray. It is so nice to see him win. He does not have a great shot at making the chase, but he is having one of the best years ever.

Those first 15 laps sure were odd laps.  From the caution on lap one to all the cars over heating it sure was odd.

The racing at ORP was not that bad all. Had a solid finish that did not need a major pile up.

With the way Kyle Busch has been winning races this year in the Nationwide Series he could easily be leading the points if was in all the events.

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