The Pit Stop

August 1, 2010 6:28 PM

Ford Finally Wins A Race.

After a 30 minute rain delay for an annoying little shower the drivers got the call to start thier engines for the Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500. Tony Stewart picked up the poll the Sunday event. 

Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick both stated their cars were good in practice.

Due to rain though last night

 NASCAR is going to throw out a competition yellow around lap 15.

Tony Stewart started out the race leading laps then Jimmie Johnson took over until the competition yellow came out on lap 16. The leaders pitted and Jeff Gordon was able win the race off pit road. Matt Kenseth and Greg Biffle were two cars that gambled with a two tire stop. 

After the green flag dropped again we had one massive, super long green flag run. Greg Biffle got to lead the race before Jimmie Johnson took over the lead and kept it for a very long time. Greg Biffe and Matt Kenseth started to drop back due to the two tires while Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick slowly marched their way up to the front. Green flag racing continued and the first round of green flag pit stops started around lap 47.

Jimmie Johnson was able to keep his lead after pit stops and had around a 3 second lead over Jeff Gordon. Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin were still slowly moving their way up the field. Green flag racing was still going on with Jimmie in the lead as a second round of green flag pit stops started at lap 76. The laps continued to wind down quickly with Jimmie leading the laps. 

Lap 106 sees the third round in a row of green flag pit stops. After this round of green flag pit stops Jeff Gordon was a bit closer to Jimmie on the track. Kevin Harvick though was around 8th place, but around 30 seconds back of Jimmie. Jeff Gordon started getting really hot and at lap 120 was right behind Jimmie for the lead of the race.

On the next lap Jeff was able to pass Jimmie for the lead of the race, then the second caution of the day finally comes out on lap 121 for debris. 

 The leaders pitted and Greg Biffle did another two tire pit stop to win the race off pit road. After the pit stops were over another batch of rain was coming
Greg Biffle was able to keep his lead only for a couple laps and then on lap 128 Denny Hamlin was finally able to get the lead. A couple laps later and Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson were trading second place many times. Kevin Harvick was still moving up and got into third place at lap 136. 

 The next debris caution finally came out on lap 145 and this brought the leaders back in. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was then the big driver to gamble with a two tire stop. Juan Pablo Montoya stayed out and was able to lead the race.
The Green flag dropped again and Juan and Jeff were fighting over the lead of the race for a few laps. Jeff Gordon though finally won the war and led a couple laps before the caution came out on lap 158 for Dale Earnhardt Jr. who spun out. 

Cars up front stay out and the rain at this time is very close to the race track. It was only a short green flag run this time and at lap 165 Kurt Bush takes a wild ride totally destroying his car. Elliott Sadler was also involved, he takes an every nastier ride, smacks really hard into an inside guard rail at the corner and wound up destroying his car even worse than Kurt did. Car parts from his engine were all over the track due to the hit Elliott had on the track. This brought out the red flag.

 "I feel pretty good," said Kurt Busch. "Hardest hit I ever had in a racecar," said Elliott Sadler. He also stated that he checked-up, but the car behind him did not.


Elliott Sadler Pocono.jpg

After 28 minutes of red flag time the cars finally started. Some extra rain though did fall on the track during the red flag time. After a few laps of yellow time drivers finally came down pit road for service. This time Greg Biffle and his two tire stop won the race off pit road some cars took no tires this time with Tony Stewart being the first car off pit road with four tires. Sam Hornish Jr. stays out to lead the race though. 

The laps though kept on winding down as rain just does not want to stop falling at the track. The red flag for rain came out with 23 laps left.  After 18 minutes more of red flag time the race started again. With 21 laps the green flag drops and Greg Biffle was able to win the fight for first place. 

 Racing in the back got wild as Jeff Gordon, Denny Hamlin, and Jimmie Johnson try to make their way up the field. Greg Biffle though was just opening up a big lead over Sam Hornish Jr. as Tony Stewart was moving up to third. 

With 8 laps left Sam and his tires went to junk moving Tony into second place. Greg Biffle had such a big lead by this time it did not matter as he went on to win the first race for Ford this season. 

Greg Biffle stated that he abused the crap out of this engine. The ends a streak of 64 races without a win.


Great points run," said Carl Edwards. 

"Really proud of this group," said Tony Stewart.

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