The Pit Stop

August 21, 2010 10:31 PM

Kyle Busch Takes All Three

Jimmie Johnson picked up his first poll ever at Bristol while Kyle Busch goes for the first ever triple win NASCAR weekend. Jimmie stated that he was looking for a good night tonight.

"Very fun and exciting race," said Clint Boyer. "Car was pretty good yesterday," said Mark Martin.

The race started off with a good green flag rin that lasted until lap 56 for a caution brought out by David Gilliland that hit the wall. Jimmie Johnson led all the laps in this segment. The leaders pitted and Jimmie won the race off pit road.

This led to an even longer green flag run where Jimmie led even more laps. At lap 124 it was Sam Hornish Jr. coming down pit road after hitting the wall. A couple laps later the caution comes out again as David Ragan spins out. In a separate incident though Regan Smith spins out and then Tony Stewart slows up to miss Reagn and then gets hit from behind. The leaders pitted and Clint Boyer picks up a pit road penalty, but was able to rally back from the penalty.

During this green flag run Jimmie leads even more laps as Kyle Busch starts to get hot and was able to take the lead of the race on lap 172. Green flag racing continued until lap 192 as Scott Speed smacked into the wall. The leaders pitted and Jimmie Johnson was able to win the race off pit road.

The green flag drops and Kyle Busch was able to get the lead of the race from Jimmie Johnson again. Kyle Kept on leading laps until the caution finally comes out at lap 254 for Bobby Labonte that smacks the wall. The caution brings the leaders down and this time it was Kyle Busch being the one to win the race off pit road this time.

The green flag drops, Kyle Busch wins the race to first place, and then Jimmie Johnson gets sent into the wall with some help from Juan Pablo Montoya. During the caution laps Denny Hamlin winds up going behind the wall for some minor car repairs. Jimmie Also goes behind the wall as well, but for major repairs as well.

The green flag drops again with Kyle Busch leading more laps. Juan Pablo Montoya at this time is having some tire rubbing issues at this time. As the green flag laps continued Matt Kenseth came down pit road at lap 348 to replace a bad tire. It pushed him back to 25th spot. The green flag racing got so long it was getting closer and closer for cars to make a green flag pit stop.

Lap 372 though saw Sam Hornish slow and come down pit road. 8 laps later and leader Kyle Busch, after a couple lap battle, put Brad Keselowski a lap down. Six more laps go by and Jamie McMurray was right behind Kyle Busch for the lead. Jamie Finally got to lead the race at lap 388. Around lap 399 the first and only round of green flag pit stops occur. Both Kyle and Jamie pit on the same lap.

After the green flag pit stops were over David Reutimann who pitted earlier than Kyle and Jamie did was able to lead the race. The caution finally comes out at lap 408 for debris. By this time around 11 cars were left on the lead lap.
With 80 laps left in the race both David and Kyle have a big fight for the race lead. It took Kyle another 8 laps before he could get the lead of the race back. Kyle then started to increase his lead to two seconds where it rotted as he went on to win the race. The win marks the first time ever that one driver won all three major NASCAR races in one season.

"This Doublemint Camery was awesome today," said Kyle Busch. Kyle also stated that he wanted to do the sweep ever since he started his NASCAR career.

"This is a real thrill," said Joe Gibbs who is the car owner for Kyle Bsuch.

"Balance got real tight," said Jamie McMurray after the final pit stop.

"all in all a great team effort," said David Reutimann.

"I thought I left him(Juan Pablo Montoya) enough room," said Jimmie Johnson.

"Top five run is pretty good," said Clint Boyer. Clint leaves Bristol with a lead around 100 points top both Jamie McMurray and Mark Martin for the final chase spot.

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