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August 30, 2010 4:59 PM

Montreal And Chicagoland Thoughts Plus Wal-Mart News

If you missed the Sunday Montreal race, you really blew it.

If you wanted:
  • Cautions galore.
  • Wild action all over the place.
  • A car restarting in 14th place after a caution and marching his way back to the lead of the race.
  • Both Marcos Ambrose and Carl Edwards who led most of the race both go down to car problems.
  • One driver in Robby Gordon who attempted to go really long on one tank of fuel in an attempt to win the race, but fail.
  • A green/white checker finish.
  • A side by side finish for the with two drivers, Max Papis and Boris Said, who were both going for their first Nationwide Series win ever.
I say you got that and more.  This was liken the race of the year for sure.

It was really great to see Boris Said finally get a Nationwide Series win.  All those years being brought in as a road course ringer in one off rides with only a few of them being in the great stuff and when you get a race like that how can you not be disappointed in the winner.

Max Papis was another driver that could have used the win.  He had a great run in his only real shot at a win this year in the Kevin Harvick #33 car.  He certainly can't complain about his finish though. 

I have no clue what Marcos Ambrose has to do to win this race.  He had the best car of the bunch and still wound up with car problems.  Carl Edwards also wound up with horrible luck.  Robby Gordon had a legit shot as well to win the race if and only if the green/white checker finish did not come out.

Some Chicagoland IRL thoughts.

Another race with some great action in it.  The three wide racing at time was a mega disaster waiting to happen that did not occur.  One wrong move and a major pile for sure would have occurred.  Nice to see 29 cars though start that race.

Wal-Mart News:

Wal-Mart has come out to say that they are not going be sponsoring Jeff Gordon.

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