The Pit Stop

August 2, 2010 5:55 PM

Pocono And Iowa Thoughts

Another Pocono race and yet another wild race. 

The Elliott Sadler wreck sure did show how well the COT is made.  It sure was a scary wreck.  NASCAR drivers will be so happy to see the SAFER Barrier up next time they go to the track.  In the old car Elliott would have been in the hospital for sure.

It was so nice to see Greg Biffle win the race.  He deserved to win a race, Ford deserved to win a race, Roush Fenway Racing deserved to win a race. 

I loved all that tire strategy late in the race.  It could have made for another pile up.

The Saturday race at Iowa was good, but not super special.  It did have another Kyle Busch win though.  He is going to have the most win ever in one season for a Nationwide Series car,  but no chance at the title due to him not being in all the races.    He may kick himself in the butt for not running every Nationwide series race this season.

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