The Pit Stop

August 4, 2010 5:24 PM

Shaq Vs. Race Segments Only Recap

The show started out with the hosts for the show there were Mike Goldberg and Kit Hoover. The racing event where the hosts were was at Concord Speedway with a nice sized crowd for the special event.

The show starts out with Shaq going over to the home of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and looking all over the place truying to find him. He does find him in a garage and he sees a basketball hoop. He challenges dale to free-throw shooting contest that Shaq does win.

Shaq then visits Andy Hillenberg and his specially designed COT car. This car has the top opened up so it is much easier to get in and out of due to his seven foot one inch height.

In a later segment they show Shaq at Jr. Motorsports and then they showed him at the Concord Speedway in some practice laps out on the track, and he was slow.

When it got time for the main event it was set into two different races. The first race was a five lap event, but Dale Jr, had to start one lap down. Shaq was pulling in slow 24 second laps while Dale was doing 18.5 second laps. Dale was able to pass him on the final corner for the win. In shots of him in the car Shaq looked cramped in his seat.

The second race was 10 laps long, but this time Dale Jr. had to make two green flag pit stops to replace four tires. Dale Pitted on lap 2 and 6, but those stops were clocked at a slow 20 seonds. Dale again one the race on the final lap with a last lap pass.

Dale in the end stated that he "hoped he enjoyed it."

IMO Shaq was just to slow due to not having enough time in the car, and his height could have been a problem as well.

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