The Pit Stop

September 11, 2010 10:52 PM

Denny Hamlin Gets Momentum Into The Chase.

Clint Bowyer looks to cement the final chase spot as he goes 400 laps in the Air Guard 400. He qualified well and needed to finish 28th or better no matter with the other drivers did be in the chase. Clint stated before the race started that he has a car that was capable of winning the race.

Carl Edwards though was the poll sitter for the event and started off the race leading laps. Juan Pablo Montoya started getting hot as Carl got into lapped traffic. Jimmie Johnson was also get hot at this time as well and then was able to get the lead of the race at lap 5. The first caution though came out on lap 56 as David Reutimann spun out.

This brought in the leaders withy Carl Edwards winning the race off pit road. Then after the green flag dropped we got a really long green flag run. Carl Edwards got to lead more laps as Clint Bowyer this time was the hot driver and got to finally lead the race at lap 100. Denny Hamlin though then was the hot driver and then took the lead at lap 110. Around lap 145 green flag pit stops started, but on the next lap Terry Labonte blows a tire and then hit the wall to bring the caution flag out.

After the pit stops were over Denny Hamlin kept the lead of the race. After the green flag dropped Jimmie Johnson was able to lead the race briefly. Then over the next 45 laps Denny Hamlin and Clint Bowyer were swapping the lead of the race a few times. Denny Hamlin though picked up the race lead for good on lap 199 until the next caution came out on lap 266 for rain.

The caution brought in the leaders, but a couple cars though stayed which were Jamie McMurray and Jeff Burton. They pitted though after they saw the race was going back to green flag racing though. This left Denny Hamlin in the lead as the race restarted on lap 242. Denny Hamlin kept on leading laps as Clint Boyer was closing in on Denny at lap 290. After lap 300 Denny was able to get a couple of lapped cars ahead of Clint and a 1 second plus lead again.
As the green flag racing continued the green flag pit stops started big time with 77 laps remaining. With 73 laps left though Juan Pablo had a hot car and passed Denny for the lead of the race. Denny though nine laps later wound up with the lead of the race again. Next up to get hot was Kyle Busch and he started to chase him down. Kyle was right behind Denny with just under 40 laps left.

With 20 laps left Kyle was able to get under Denny briefly, but could not get the lead. With 10 laps left Denny got a bit of a gap started to Kyle. The rest of the laps went down and Denny took the win.

The three cautions on the night tied the record for fewest cautions ever for a race at this track.

Denny Hamlin stated that he was "patient" on winning this race.

"Awesome day for the Home Depot crew," said Joey Logano who finished 4th.

Jimmie Johnson stated the he did not have enough for the 11 car.

"Car was good," said Clint Bowyer.

Kevin Harvick stated the he had a terrible night, but finishes ninth.

"Awesome race trying to race him(Denny) down," said Kyle Busch.

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