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September 2, 2010 5:13 PM

Changing Lanes Episode 1 Review

The show chronicles a bunch of drivers in the age range of 16-25 trying to make it onto the Revolution Racing team that Max Siegel owns.  This is all apart of the Drive for Diversity program in NASCAR to give minority and female drivers a chance to make in NASCAR.  The show started filming at the end of the 2009 Sprint Cup season.

I liked they they did talk about Wendell Scott for a few minutes and the only African American to win a NASCAR race.  They could have though included Bill Lester who was the last Black Driver to start a NASCAR race.  I hope more segments on this get included in the show.

Some of the drivers showed promise and other showed they were not ready yet to be on the team.  A bunch of the drivers came from the K&N East and K&N West divisions, some with impressive resumes already and many to their credit. 

The first track they raced on was at the Concord Speedway in legends cars.  Cars raced for only a few laps in small groups of three to four cars and you can easily tell the good from the bad in drivers.  Accidents did occur though as Brandie Jass wrecking her car.

Sergio Pena, Paulie Harrakia, and Darrell Wallace Jr. for the males and Mackna Bell for the ladies were the stars of the show so far.  Darrell though is also a Joe Gibbs developmental driver so that certainly makes him a legit driver, but at age 16 can't drive in the top three NASCAR divisions due to age restrictions. 

Paulie Harraka on the show was mingling with more people than other driver.  It seemed like he was trying to further his career outside of Revolution Racing than anyone else

All the drivers did get to go watch the Fall Sprint Cup race from North Carolina.  They also wound up meeting Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Joe Gibbs that spoke with them for a for a while. 

At the end all the drivers are going to get a second chance in a different car at a track in Virgina before the final 10 get picked. 

I liked the show and hope that we get to see more of these drivers in the future.  I like that the show looks real and not too scripted.This is high quality programming I say you should see.

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