The Pit Stop

September 9, 2010 6:11 PM

Changing Lanes Episode 2 Recap

This week it wall about the final chance for the all the drivers to make an impression to get into Revolution Racing.  This time it was on a much bigger track in Virgina.  At the Motor Mile Speedway they got to drive late model stock cars in an attempt to impress the judges.

Both days were time trial runs.   The cars were setup to be tight in the center for all drivers.  The did spend some time with a couple drivers like Juan Pitta to give us some background on him.  He wound up being too tall and they had to do seat change so he could drive.

Brandie Jass again got into trouble and have to save her car. Dylan Smith was the unique driver of the group as he was a right footed breaker.  They would not change the breaks for him and one of the people watching him race on the track said he would be 3 to 4 tenths faster if he used his left foot to break.

After the end of the first day half of the drivers were sent packing leaving 16 left for the final ten spots.  On the next day it was Darrell Wallace Jr. getting sick.  He got checked out by some medical people and was found out to have the H1N1 virus.  The rest of the drivers agreed to have him go last on the day, but even as sick as he was pulled in the best laps of the day.

The same drivers that were tops in the first show were tops again in the second.   At the end of the show it was a meeting in special room with the selection committee to see if they made it into Revolution Racing.    Drivers such as Darrell Wallace Jr., Paulie Harraka, Mackena Bell, and Sergio Pena move on.  Drivers such as Brandie Jass and Dylan Smith went home.

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