The Pit Stop

September 16, 2010 5:20 PM

Changing Lanes Show Three Recap

The show this week was all about pit crew training, drivers living in Max's house, and racing go-karts.

The show starts off with nine of the top ten drivers at Revolution Racing.  Paulie Harraka is not with them due to his studies at Duke University.  Phil Horton is a trainer for Revolution Racing and they show off a group of Black people training to work as a pit crew member.

The show actually got into Max and his life growing up.  The divorce his parents went though and the football team he was on.  The house that Max owns is very big and all nine drivers get to sleep at the place.

When it got to racing it was indoor go-kart racing this time at a track that Darrell Wallace Jr. has been on before.  Darrell wins the first race with Sergio Pena coming in second.  Later on in the day Michael Cherry went down to a track to pick up a most popular driver award.  Rebecca Kasten though wound up being the first driver to get sick.  Max had her go to the emergency room.  She wound up being treated for dehydration. 

The driving action got hotter on day two as the go-karts went in the opposite direction for the first race of the day.  Darrell had to start in the back, but made it all the way to the front again to win that race. More bumping and crashing wound up occurring in that race which caused Michael to get back spasms. 

They had one final races with the best drivers which included Darrell, Michael and female Jessica Brunelli. This time it was Jessica getting the win. Darrell spinning out and not recovering from the spin.

The final segment was a meeting with people from Revolution Racing for driver evaluations. 

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