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September 14, 2010 6:31 PM

Kyle Busch: Riding Shotgun Show 1 and 2 Recap.

Show 1 recapkyle busch.jpg

Kyle Busch starts off the show saying that he does not work out, but did some for what was like 40 minutes. Then it was onto to Nationwide Series practice in the Sponsafier car. They showed Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart in the garage making fun of him. After that it was some Nationwide Series action.

After commerical break it was Kyle and his fiance Sam looking at some photos of the two of them. Then it was Saturday afternoon and Kyle spoke to some of his fans.

After the next commercial break it was Saturday night Sprint Cup action. Afterr the race Kyle stated that this race takes so much out of you.

After the final commerical break it was back at his house spending time with his friends. Some of the time was spent on the water and then the show ended.

Show 2 recap

First off the show with a segment on Kyle and Sam picking clothing for NYC. Then it was back at the shop for him where he wound up doing a a whole mess load of signing a die-cast #18 car and some wine bottles. He was also checking in on his Sprint Cup car. Before the commercial break it was a photoshoot with all Joe Gibbs Drivers.

After the commercial break it was back to Kyle Busch Motorsports and putting Decals on a truck. Then onto work getting sponsors.

After the next commercial break it was Kyle and Sam working on the retail store. Kyle let Sam do most of the work. Before they break they put a firesuit on a manequin.

After the final commercial break it was Kyle, Sam, and a whole bunch of other team members at a resturant to celebrate winis at Bristol. He got on the microphone to thank people.

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