The Pit Stop

September 16, 2010 6:00 PM

Kyle Busch Riding Shotgun Show Four Recap

The show started off with Kyle and and a telephone interview then shave time for Kyle Busch. Back at Joe Gibbs Racing it was some fun throwing a football then pit stop training. Then it was Kyle Busch at ESPN in the makeup room for some media day stuff including some green screen video shoots.

After the commercial break it was talking about the #18 car.  Then it was back to Kyle and more green screen stuff with this time answering questions.

Back from another commercial break Kyle was signing a bunch of posters and answering questions from the media.  Then it was back to pit coaching stuff.  Kyle was then back to more media and print interviews and had a short conversation with Carl Edwards. 

Back from the final commercial break it was radio spot time. Then it was back at the hotel room with a call from Sam who was shopping for clothing followed by more pit stop training. In the final segment it was Sam going back to the hotel room showing off some of the stuff she got which was some unmentionables.  

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