The Pit Stop

September 15, 2010 6:07 PM

Kyle Busch Riding Shotgun Show Three Recap

This show starts off with Sam and Kyle in what could have been a chartered flight going to NYC on Tuesday.  Then a ride in a car over to the hotel room where she says the places she wants to visit.  Fans photos are taken all over the place.

After the commerical break it was a trip to to M&M World store in nyc where they did buy some stuff.  Then it was an afternoon stop in Tiffany's for a wedding band.  Sam says she is overwhelmed by all the choices,  Kyle says he more into white gold.

After the next commercial break it was boat trip time.   He does break out the titanic "I'm king of the world" line while on the boat.

After the final commercial break it was ride on a carousel time.  Then it back at the hotel room with a hottub filled with roses.   

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