The Pit Stop

September 20, 2010 5:42 PM

New Hampshire Race Thoughts

I thought that this was one of the best New Hampshire races in a long time even though we did have that one long green flag section of racing.

The start of the race was nuts with all the three wide racing. Then the race got to a point where it look like all the case drivers were going to spin out.  Up next were some cars going to gamble on taking fuel.  A couple of car wound up running out of fuel.  Jeff Burton in a better spot.  Tony Stewart in the wrong spot.

Clint Bowyer came out to say that he was chase worthy with his win.  

I say Denny Hamlin would have won the race if he had that one extra lap left.  Tony Stewart had a chance to win the race or finish in the top three if he had like one extra lap of caution.

Tony Stewart, Matt Kenseth, and the rest of the chase drivers are still it after New Hampshire.   Another bad day for Tony and Matt at Dover and they could easily be done.

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