The Pit Stop

September 17, 2010 5:30 PM

Riding Shotgun: Kyle Busch Show Five Recap

This show starts out with Sam going for a power walk. Then is was Kyle going to his Sirius Morining Dive show interview.  Interview time got into talking about Sam who is a psych major.

After the commercial break it was more interview time as this one was an ESPN radio interview with Tony Stewart.  Then it was on to filming a segment with Lou Holtz and NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon for the NASCAR Now show.

Back from another commercial break it was Kyle in the makeup chair.  Then it was his appearance on the NASCAR now show this week.  He got to play with one of the cameras.   Then it was on to shooting for the special five lap RC car race that aired on NASCAR Now which Tony Stewart won.

The final segment in this series started out at Joe Gibbs Racing at 2:11 pm packing up the car to go to Loudon.  A group of people made the trip by plane.  Then it was Kyle and Tony leaving ESPN studios.  At the 6pm hour we saw Sam and Kyle back in his trailer talking about the race and then both of them heading off to bed at 8PM to close the show off.

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