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October 3, 2010 4:34 PM

Biffle's Big Win

Greg Biffle Kansas 2010.jpgKasey Kahne edged out his teammate Paul Menard for the poll at the Price Chopper 400 in Kansas.
The race is important for some drivers like Greg Biffle and Tony Stewart who need a solid finish to keep their chase hopes alive.

"Got a good enough of a car," said Kyle Busch. "Cooler conditions will help us," said Kurt Busch. Jeff Gordon stated that his car was great yesterday.

At the drop of the green flag Kasey Kahne easily got the lead of the race as Paul Menard has a bad start to the race. Jeff Gordon though starts to get hot and passes Kasey on lap 28 for the lead. He keps the lead and the caution comes out on lap 41 as Juan Pablo Montoya hit the wall. The leaders pit and Jeff Gordon keeps the lead of the race.
This was only a short green flag run and on lap 52 David Reutimann spins with soem help by a bump from Kyle Busch. The brought cars in the back for service including Jimmie Johnson. This led to thye longest green flag run of the day. Matt Kesenth gets the lead, but in the back it got four wide a couple seconds. Tony Stewart gets hot and takes the lead of the race at lap 81. Jimmie Johnson also is hot as he moves up the field

Around lap 94 it was green flag pit stops and it started off with Juan Pablo Montoya pitting first. Then Tony Stewart and more pit giving Patrick Carpentier the lead for some laps. He finally pits on lap 108 to give the lead back to Tony Stewart. Greg Biffle though stuck in second place as Tony was leading more and more laps. Then at lap 144 another round of green flag it stops begin with Greg Biffle, Tony pits a couple laps later and resumes the leads after all the cars pit again. By this time Denny Hamlin was close to going one full lap down. The caution though finally comes out on lap 154 as David Reutimann just smacks into Kyle Busch. Denny though was able to stay on the lead lap,
"My car is destroyed," said Kyle over the radio.

This caution brings the leaders back and Tony Stewart just takes fuel to keep the lead of the race. The green lag drops and Kevin Harvick quickly takes the lead of the race. It was a short green flag run and on lap 165 it was Kasey Kahne brining out the caution as a tire explodes.

At the drop of the green flag again Tony Stewart took the lead back and started to break out into a one second plus lead. The caution though comes out on lap 186 for Kevin Conway and his broken engine. This caution brought in the leaders and Jamie McMurray and his two tire stop gets him the lead of the race. Paul Menard in second also took two tires.

Paul and his two tires worked out great as he won the race to first place as Jamie fell back. Paul and his tires started to catch up to him and he lost the lead to Greg Biffle on lap 207. With 32 laps left final pit stop started and Greg Biffle kept the lead after they were over by 5 seconds.

Wit 11 laps left Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson battled for second place. Jimmie took over second with 10 laps left, but his lead was up to almost seven seconds. The caution flag never showed up and Greg Biffle has a blow out win.
"Big win for us," said Greg Biffle. "Too loose for the first three quarters of the race."

"Still lot of racing left," said Jimmie Johnson who now leads the points. It is only an 8 point lead over Denny Hamlin though.

"Our car was good all weekend," said Kevin Harvick.

Jeff Gordon stated that he kinda missed an opportunity this weekend.

"Really proud of our guys," said Tony Stewart.

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