The Pit Stop

October 7, 2010 5:37 PM

Donnie Wingo And More News

Dover is going to be seeing a slight increase in Cup purse and sanction fees for the 2011 season. Donnie Wingo is looking as a front runner to replace David Hyder at Wood Brothers Racing. In a restructuring effort ISC is cutting 20% of the staff workers that they have. Changing Lanes quick recap.... This week the main focus on the show was pits stops. Driver Jessica Brunelli had a tough time with pit stops as on day one where it was practice time she almost ran over a pit crew member a couple times. On the second day at the track drivers had to do some laps on the track followed by a pit stop where they could not go above 30 miles an hour. Jessica was too slow entering pit road and then left pit road going to fast. At the end of the show she was the one that got the boot.

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