The Pit Stop

October 4, 2010 5:49 PM

Kansas And Miami Thoughts

Another chase race and one more race with very few cautions. At least in the final laps the 2-10th place cars did have some high quality racing.

The 9-11th place drivers are still in it, but are so close from blowing their championship hopes.

I say Kyle Busch could have backed off a bit and not hit David Reutimann.  David though did the wrong thing in wrecking Kyle Busch though, but it sure was warranted.  Kyle still was able to finish 21st place though which was certainly championship saving.

Jimmie Johnson has the points lead now, does another top five finish at California on Sunday mean he has busted all the other chasers from the championship???

If you watched the IRL race Danika Patrick finished on a high note with her second place finish.  That finish came off some pit strategy they helped her get track position later on in the race.  I think being in the Nationwide Series car for the rest of the season will be the big help she needs to get her that first top 20 finish of the year in the Nationwide Series.

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