The Pit Stop

October 9, 2010 7:19 PM

Kyle Takes Another One

Kyle Busch won another poll as he goes 300 miles in the 300. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. stated that his car is pretty decent today.

Danika Patrick is back again for the firs race in her multi-week stint in the Nationwide Series. This time though she wound up with her best starting spot with her 14th place starting spot. Danika stated that it was nice having a good qualifying.

The green flag drops and it is a long green flag run. Kyle Busch starts out leading laps and then Kevin Harvick starts to get hot and gets the lead on lap 9. Dania though is slowly dropping back to 19th place. At lap 16 it was Jason Leffler and his car then went to junk, but he made it made it to pit road. Kevin though busts out to a big 4 second plus leads the green flag laps keep on flying by.

Steven Wallace at lap 38 starts the round of green flag pit stops. Kevin comes in a couple laps later. After the pot stops were over Kevin took the lead of the race again, but he lead was cut in half. The caution was finally out on lap 46 for debris. Danika though was not the first car a lap down so she did not get it back. This caution brought in only a few cars.

Kyle Busch started out leading laps after the green flag dropped while Danika was slowly moving up to the luck dog spot. At lap 57 Kevin Harvick finally was able to get the lead buck, but this time was not able to break out into a massive like he did last time.

The second caution finally comes out on lap 79 for Steven Wallace and his car that hit the wall. Danick still could not get back on the lead lap as her car was the second car one a full lap down. This wound up being a lengthy cleanup for fluids dumped on the racetrack. The leaders pit and Carl Edwards wins the race off pit road.

After the green flag dropped again Carl Edwards could not keep the lead and Brad Keselwoski took over the race lead. This was not a long green flag run and a debris caution comes out on lap 101. This time Danika was able to get the luck dog pass and get back on the lead lap. The leaders pitted and Brad Keselowki kept the lead of the race.
During this green flag Brad started out leading laps as Kyle Busch got hot and with 38 laps left was able to get the lead of the race. One lap later though and Kevin Harvick was able to pass Kyle for the race lead.

Kevin and his lead when to bust as Michael Annett and Brendan Gaughan get together. The leaders pit and Kyle Busch kept the lead of the race while Kevin Harvick came out sixth.

The race restarts with 17 laps left. Kyle leads as Kevin try to chase down the leader. With 15 laps left though the caution comes out as Johnny Borneman spins out into pit road.

Kyle leads a few more laps and then with 10 laps left and James Buescher winds up hitting Danika Patrick sending her into the wall also taking out Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Ricky Carmichael. Danika was around 14tth spot at the time of the wreck.

The race restarts with five laps left and Kyle gets an easy quick lead. With four laps left Kevin Harvick goes three wide while Justin Allgaier and Martin Truex Jr. do some major banging. Kyle would just cruise on to his ninth win the Nationwide Series from the poll.

"Pit road probably won this race," said Kyle Busch. "Getting number twelve is awesome."

Brad Keselowski stated that he was a little off today.

Carl Edwards stated that his was like a seventh place car.

Kevin Harvick stated that he lost the race on pit road.

"Decent car to start," said Danika Patrick. "I gave him room." She wound up finishing in 30th.

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