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October 31, 2010 7:13 PM

The Chase Gets Even Tighter

Clint Bowyer Talladega 2010.jpgSprint Cup drivers are back to Talladega for the final restrictor plate race of the year. Juan Pablo Montoya is on the poll from Saturday qualifying.

Juan Pablo Montoya stated that he had a "really good car." Brad Keselowski stated that he had a pretty good car.
At the drop of the green flag it was crazy racing where lead changes were all over the place. Clint Bowyer, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Burton, and many other drivers leading one lap. At lap 15 Matt Kenseth pushed Jeff Burton into the lead and a break away two car pack that lasted until lap 29. Tony Stewart though at lap 21 had to come down for a flat tire.

Lap 37 saw the first round of green flag pit stops. After those were all done it got down to even more changes for the lead which included Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick and Mark Martin. At lap 62 though it got like five wide at the stripe and that was not for the lead of the race. The first caution finally comes out on lap 69 as A.J. Allmendingers pins out. This brought in the leaders, but Kevin Harvick stays out a couple extra laps

The green flag drops and then Denny Hamlin looses the draft. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Juan Pablo Montoya start trading the lead of the race as Denny falls back 30 plus seconds to the leader at lap 90. Denny winds up going a lap down at lap 99, but over the next few lap was able to be the first car one lap down. With 77 laps left Jamie McMurray almost looses it for the big one. On the next lap it was green flag pit stop time again. After these were over Denny was not the first car one lap down, but was able to move his way back up to that spot. This time drivers such as Jeff Burton and Clint Boyer got to lead laps with Ryan Newman at the front of the field, but almost one lap down.
With 55 laps left the caution comes out for the second time today as Jeff Burton winds up crashing hard after contact with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Ryan Newman was just passed before the wreck so he gets back on the lead lap with the lucky dog pass and not Denny Hamlin. The caution brings in the leaders. David Reutimann and Juan Pablo Montoya got the top two spots off pit road.

"Had a real good car," said Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jeff Burton though stated that Dale apologized for the wreck.
This time we only get a short green flag run and with 47 laps left some four wide racing wound up causing Clint Boyer to hit and spin out Marcos Ambrose and with no where to go and getting some damage to his car was Kevin Harvick, but Kevin was able to stay in the race.. This caution brought in a bunch of cars who only took fuel only. Jimmie Johnson though wound up having to put some patch of tape on the back of the car. Joey Logano gets the lead of the race.

It was another short green flag run this time and some sheet metal came off the Marcos Ambrose car to being out the debris caution with 36 laps left. This wound up leaving the top 15 cars to stay out. During this green flag run a lead lap Denny Hamlin with help from Kyle Busch takes the top two spots of the race.

With 24 laps left though Jamie McMurray was down pit road to fix a bad tire after hitting the wall. At 20 laps left it was some more continuation of single file racing with Kyle Busch in the lead. With 15 laps left more two-wide racing started to occur in the back as Jimmie Johnson was starting to make move towards the front.

Greg Biffle though pushed Paul Menard into the lead of the race with 13 laps left. Then on the next lap Jeff Gordon takes the lead with a massive push from Jimmie Johnson, but Jeff could not hold the lead and had to drop back.
With 10 laps left5 Clint Boyer gets the lead with some help from Juan Pablo Montoya. At 8 laps left we get another debris caution. This did not bring a whole lot of cars down pit road for service. The green flag drops with four laps left with Clint Bowyer leading the race. Kevin Harvick though gets a massive push into the race lead as it got four wide in bunches in the back. Kevin Harvick And Clint Boyer were side by side going into the final lap. Right after the white flag dropped A.J. Allmedinger winds up taking a wild ride to bring out the caution and end the race. After a few minute look at the videotape Clint Boyer squeezes out the win over Kevin Harvick at the time of the caution.

"Unbelievable day," said Clint Boyer.

"Did what we needed to do," said Kevin Harvick. "Typical Talladega day."

Jimmie Johnson stated that he did not know what happened on the last restart. He wound in the mess of four wide racing late in the race.

The unofficial points are Jimmie leading Denny Hamlin by 14, but Kevin Harvick is only 38 points behind Jimmie

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