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October 20, 2010 5:52 PM

"Tim Richmond: To the Limit" Documentary Review

The documentary is part of the ESPN 30 for 30 series and looked at the life and time of NASCAR driver Tim Richmond.  It was fully solid look at his ups and his downs over his short life.

The documentary started off in his early years where he was even a good football star in high school. His number got even retired. The first can in any real race car was in a dirt track car.  Then it was straight on to CART series ore what we now call the IRL seres.

Then he moves over to NASCAR where his start was not so hot as he wound up with a bunch of destroyed engines. Then started to get got and won seven races in one year.  Next he wound up sick.  He took some time off and came back to win a few more races only to get sick again and then never race again.

The documentary had comments from family members, Dr. Jerry Punch, And Darrell Waltrip to name a few.  I fully agree with Darrell that if time stayed in NASCAR he would have won a championship and to prevent Dale Earnhardt. Sr. from winning one.

I fully liked Tim. He was fully UN-NASCAR at the time when he popped up in the 1980's.  Tim was way more GQ than anyone in NASCAR at the time as the documentary showed. Tim was way more funnier then the other NASCAR drivers, but he fully loved what he did.

Aids though wound up ending his life early and they did not shy away from it.  Half of the documentary was spent on the final years of his life.  It was not sugarcoated, it was perfectly done. 

If you missed it you will have some more chances on the ESPN brand of networks to watch it or you can even buy a copy of it.  This is certainly a must see.

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