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November 6, 2010 3:33 PM

Carl And Brad Win At Texas

Carl Edwards Texas 2010.jpgBrad Keselowski looks to win the championship today while Kyle Busch looks to win his sixth race in a row as the Nationwide Series drivers are back in Texas. Brad only needs to finish 21st or better to win the championship no matter what Carl Edwards does. James Buescher though is the driver that will start the race on the poll.

"This place is so fast," said Kyle Busch. "I really don't know what we have," said Kevin Harvick. "Go Daddy Car has a lot of potential," said Danica Patrick.

The Green flag drops and Jame Buescher starts out leading laps as Kyle Busch starts out like a rocket. At lap 6 Kyle gets leads. Lap eleven saw David Starr get loose and hit the wall. This caused Erik Darnell going down low to hit into the Danica Patrick car. The caution did not come out, but Danica went down two laps to replace two tires on lap 13. Kyle Busch kept on leading laps and the first caution comes out on lap 43 as James Buescher blows a tire and smacks the wall.

This brought down the leaders and Carl Edwards was able to get the lead off pit road. This long green flag run saw Carl Edwards lead the race until Ricky Stenhouse Jr. lead the race at lap 56. Ricky keeps on leading lap and then on lap 81 David Starr winds up with more car problems and brings out the caution this time.

This caution also brought in all the leaders and Kyle Busch this time was able to win the race off pit road. This led to the longest green flag run of the day. Kyle Busch starts out leading more laps and slowly builds up a one second lead over Carl Edwards. With 71 laps left it was green flag pit stop time, but the leaders came in 10 laps later. The caution finally comes out with 52 laps left for debris.

This time after the green flag drops Carl Edwards was able to keep the lead while Brad Keselwoski in third was fighting for the second place spot. Brad tried a couple times to get the lead from Kyle Busch, but could not do it as the laps kept on winding down.

The caution though comes out with 16 laps left as Parker Kligerman spins out. After the green flag drop Carl was able to get the lead of the race. With five laps left Brian Scott hit the wall a couple of times and just does not bring out the caution, but Clint Boyer two laps later does and his car is smoking big time.

This brought out the green/white checker finish where Carl Edwards easily took the lead of the race. Carl went on to win the race as Brad finished the race in third place. Rodger Penske who is the car owner wins his first NASCAR championship ever.

"This was a special day," said Carl Edwards. He also that he got the best restart that he could.

"Family accomplishment," said Brad Keselowski.

Danica Patrick all race just cold not get any of her laps back, but she was able to keep moving up as cars wrecked and he car was much faster than other cars to finish in 22nd place.

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