The Pit Stop

November 22, 2010 6:00 PM

Miami Thoughts

If it was not for the lap 24 wreck by Denny Hamlin he had a legit shot to win the race.  He might have also won the championship if he did not miss pit road on that one caution and got at least some fresh tires.  He may of even had a chance to properly fix the car after the first long green flag run though since around half of the cars were a lap down. 

Jimmie wins his fifth championship.  That is a major accomplishment and certainly does not need it to make the hall of fame.

Jimmie did not even have great pit stops all day long though.  Lug nut problems on pit stop, an almost wreck on another.  The first pit stop was not so hot.

It was nice for once to see Danica with a high quality qualifying effort. She had a car though that was just average though. A 20th place car.

That Nationwide Series race was just weird seeing all of those cautions. It seemed like you could not get any real flow to the whole race.

I hope to have up later this week a year in review article and then after that a special article that is the longest thing I ever written for sure.

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