The Pit Stop

November 24, 2010 5:22 PM

Nationwide, Rick Hendrick, And Comments.

This report talks about NASCAR drivers that are going to have to get a license before the season starts.  That license will mainly dictate what series they will score points for.

Rick Hendrick says that changes were not Earnhardt driven.

My comments on this news:

I like the idea of having to sign up for a license before the season starts to force a driver to get points for only one series.  This is an easy solution to the problem.

I can agree with Rick Hendrick that the changes were not Earnhardt driven, but they must have been the main cause though.  How many more crew chiefs will Dale go though at Hendrick Motorsports before he just has to move to a new team like Richard Childress Racing???  He is the most popular driver, but he has not had a bunch of wins in a long time.

They even swapped teams since they have two different shops.  Dale is now teams up with Jimmie Johnson and his team.  If that does not say Dale has to perform better, I do not know what does. 

Mark Martin has slumped big time from last year.  Jeff Gordon is still good, but has been winning races like he has been.  This just might be the spark the whole company needs to have more than Jimmie winning races or they may have to go outside the company for a new crew chief.

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