The Pit Stop

November 15, 2010 5:17 PM

Some Sunday Phoenix Thoughts

This has been the best chase ever and the ratings are not showing it, that sucks..

This time the greatest chase ever included fuel millage in the Sunday race was just insane.

I say Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick had the cars that are better at fuel millage than Denny Hamlin.  I say Denny is 100% right in being mad at his finish due to leading the most laps.  He still has the lead, so he has to protect it.

Kevin Harvick can still win the championship and  still have Denny and Jimmie finish in the top 10.  That is what makes a great chase.

It is nice to see Carl Edwards break his big and long Sprint Cup loosing streak.  I do not think the win is all that super due to all the Nationwide Series wins he picked up this year.  I do love his new idea of going in with the fans after winning a race.

How about Joey Logano and his finishes as of late.  If he was in the chase he would be 4th place in the points right now, but no way to win the championship unless Denny, Jimmie, and Kevin do not start. 

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