The Pit Stop

November 8, 2010 5:15 PM

Texas Thoughts

The Sunday race had to have been the best race of the season.  It had it all.

Kyle Busch flipping out his middle finger and getting a two lap penalty.

The Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton wreck that got the crowd really jumping for joy as both of them started to fight on the track.  That is what you want to see out on the racetrack.  I was just surprised that is was those two drivers fighting on the track.

Then that caused the Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson teams to change pit crews.  That was a complete mid race shocker that had to be done.  The Jimmie Johnson pit crew over the past few races have been junk.  The change though worked well until the final pit stop, but even Jimmie lost a couple other places on the track in the final couple of laps.

I say the change has to be made in order to give any chance of Jimmie to win the championship this year.

Denny Hamlin wins the race and takes the point lead. This is just great.  We still have two races left and it is still too tight between Jimmie Johnson, Denny Hamlin, and Kevin Harvick.

The Saturday race was not super special, but Brad did win the championship.  Without any major changes to who can win the championship having a Sprint Cup rookie winning the Championship is about the best you are going to do I guess in a Nationwide Series only driver to win the championship.

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