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January 3, 2011 5:26 PM

BCS Overnight Ratings Help Prove My Point....

Well the initial overnight ratings for the BCS bowl games are out that aired on ESPN.  That same network is the one that aired most of the final ten races in NASCAR.

I said the move of the NASCAR races to ESPN was a big mistake and the ratings did drop for the NASCAR events.  Now we have further proof from the BCS football ratings that a move to ESPN is not even good for that sport.

The first Saturday matchup was between Wisconsin and TCU which I though could pull in some ratings, but the Rase Bowl game was down 15% from last year.  The second matchup was between Oaklahoma and UCONN, but the Fiesta Bowl  is down 22% in the ratings from last year.

TCU should been enough to pop a good rating due to them being the non-aq squad and them fighting for the "little sisters of the poor."  UCONN on the other hand just is not a squad that should really pop a big rating.  If UCONN was a top ten team it certainly would have popped a better rating for the Fiesta Bowl.  A proper matchup is certainly one reason why BCS ratings stink right now.  Other BCS matchups will wind up with the same problem as other major teams are not in the games.

ESPN says that the Rose Bowl game still had the highest ratings for a non-NFL contest on cable.  That is ESPN putting the best spin they can on those numbers.

If the ratings we only slightly down I would not have much of argument to continue with, but these ratings SUCK.  The ratings count and ABC needs to air the big games, NOT ESPN.

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