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February 8, 2011 5:09 PM

Michael Annett, Free Tickets For Displaced Super Bowl People, And More News

The big news of the day is that Michael Annett who is a Nationwide Series driver for Rusty Wallace Racing wound up getting some drink driving charges in Moorseville, N.C. early Sunday morning.

Las Vegas Motors Speedway is going to be giving away for free tickets to the March races if you were one of the few people who wound up getting displaced at the Super Bowl.

Brian Keselowski is going to attempt the Daytona 500, but sponsorship problems remain for this driver.

Kevin Harvick Inc. has picked up Hunt Brothers Pizza as a sponsor this year.  It will be for two Nationwide Series Races, and five truck series races.

Get Behind The Wheel With Totino's Game review 

This is my quick review of the free online game that will start for everyone February 13th. The mini-site also will also include a contest to win a  3-day, 2-night trip for two to attend the 2012 Daytona 500 and take a pit and garage tour..  This supposed to be a special promotion for Kroger stores with a special box that will allow you to play the game with a webcam.  If you are not near a Kroger store I have for you a downloadable file, AR Marker.pptx,  you can print out that will allow you to play the game with a webcam.  The game though can still be play with a keyboard.

The game includes a cartoon version of Clint Boyer with his actual voice as you try to get him as fast as possible from his house to the Daytona track in time for the big race.  You will have to stop at a grocery store for mini pit-stop game in order to refuel which I though was a great idea. They only include on track which is fine by me.  The road though could have looked more like the rest of the graphics used in the game imo which I liked.  

In the end I liked the short game.  The car handled nicely, but this is not a fully complex game.
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