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March 5, 2012 4:58 PM

Elliott Sadler Update, More News, And Some Elliott Sadler Thoughts

SpeedTV has comments out from Elliott Sadler saying that he will be in the #55 for Michael Watrip Racing.

For more safety out on the track an extra pace car is going to be behind the last dryer out on the track.

Great Clips is going to be the sponsor for the fall race at Phoenix for the Nationwide Series.

My Elliott Sadler thoughts:

I do not fully agree with Chevrelot on allowing Elliott Sadler in the Michael Waltrip Racing car for a messily 5 races.  This all about some Chevy execs who have a driver in Elliott Sadler that has a legit shot at winning the Nationwide Series Championship being forced to not drive a Toyota imo.  If this was some lower end driver not running every single race in any series Chevy would not have any problem with this.

This was just a tiny five race deal.  I have no problem with it.  I don't think many fans do either.  I do not think it would have killed his chances at the Nationwide Seires championship either.  And so what if Elliott Sadler was to win a race in a Toyota.  That win will be good for NASCAR and will also be good for Elliott Sadler as well. 
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