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May 19, 2012 10:54 PM

Hot Jimmie Takes The Million Dollar Pay Day

In May it is All Star race weekend for the Sprint Cup drivers. Over one million bucks in prize money will be awarded tonight and no points. All drivers will be laying it all on the line for the prize money.

Jeff Burton stated that we have a lot of good cars in this race(Sprint Showdown).

The first part to this special event, the Sprint Showdown, includes two twenty laps segments with green flag laps counting only in the first segment. The top two drivers will move on from this race to the All-Star-Race. The poll sitter for the event is A.J Allmendinger.

As the pace car went down pit road A.J. Allmendinger went down with him to replace a bad tire. This put Martin Truex Jr. in the lead for a while, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. got hot to take the lead. Dale Jr. led all the rest of the way until the caution came out.
When pit road opened Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Martin Truex Jr. stayed out while all other cars pitted. Over the next 20 laps Dale Earnhardt Jr. was leading laps really easy. A.J. Allmendinger though got super hot and marched his way to the front of the field after restarting in 19th.

In the final laps Jamie McMurray and A.J. Allmendinger were fighting for second place. Jamie drifted high after a few laps of battling which caused A.J. to get the second place spot. And the last transfer spot from the race only. Getting the fan vote and the final spot in the All-Star-Race was Bobby Labonte.

"Real happy with the car," said Dale Earnhardt Jr.

"These guys deserve to be in the race," said A.J. Allmendinger.

The All-Star Race has a whole bunch of new rules this year. The race is now 5 segments long with the first four segments lasting 20 laps each. After first four segments are done the pit will be open for every single driver that has to come down pit road and make a complete stop in the pit stall. The winner of each of the first four segments get to come down pit road first. The final segment is ten laps long.

"This is fun weekend," said Clint Bowyer.

Mark Martin stated this is a big practice session.

"Race car is really really good," said Greg Biffle.

"Really excited," said Marcos Ambrose who is in his first All-Star Race.

"I think were going to be good," said Trevor Bayne.

"Real happy with the car yesterday," said Paul Menard.

On the poll for this race was Kyle Busch. When the green flag finally dropped for the race he started out leading laps as A.J. Allmendinger was moving his car up through the field again. Jimmie Johnson was also getting hot and Jimmie was able to get the lead at lap 15.

Jimmie kept the lead and won the first segment. Leaders pit with some drivers taking only two tires like Ryan Newman that wins the race off pit road. Paul Menard and a few more drivers stay out for track position.

5 laps into segment two and it was caution time as Carl Edwards and his car went to junk. Denny Hamlin was the leader at the time of the caution.

"Something broke," said Carl Edwards.

After the drop of the green flag Denny Hamlin got the best of the restart and leads more laps. Matt Kenseth though got hot and was able to get the lead with three laps left in the second segment and then went on to win the segment.

Leaders pit and this time Mark Martin and around half of the field stay out. With the drop of the green flag again Brad Keselowski started out leading laps. Kasey Kahne in the final laps of the segment was challenging real hard for the lead, but could not get it.
Almost all the cars come down this time with 4 tire stops being the standard for all teams pitting. Kurt Busch started off the segment leading laps, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets hot and takes over the race lead. The next caution comes out on lap 68 for Greg Biffle and his car that blows up.

The race restarts and Dale Jr. gets a great restart to lead the rest of the laps in the fourth segment. All the cars come down pit road and Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth led lead the cars off pit road. The final ten lap segment has only the green flag laps counting.

Jimmie Johnson gets a solid restart and takes the race lead with Brad Keselowski in second. Jimmie Johnson kept on leading laps as his lead grew over Brad Keselowski. Then Jimmie Johnson finished off with his third win in the All-Star event. He collected one million bucks for the win.

"Holy smokes was this Lowes Chevrolet fast," said Chad Knauss.

"Very special night for us," said Jimmie Johnson.

"He(Jimmie Johnson) was just fast," said Brad Keselowski.

Matt Kenseth stated that his restarts were not that great.

"Just wasn't enough," said Kyle Busch. "Tough night all around."

"It was great," said Dale Earnhardt Jr. He also stated that the track did not change much,

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