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November 18, 2012 6:35 PM

Penske Wins First Championship As Jeff Gordon Wins The Race.

jeff Gordon Miami 2012.jpgWith one race left to crown a Sprint Cup champion Brad Keselowksi came into the race with a 20 point lead over Jimmie Johnson. In qualifying Brad picked off the second place spot while Jimmie Johnson starts tenth. If Brad finished the race 15th or better he wins the championship even if Jimmie Johnson got max points today.

Joey Logano though picked off the poll for the event, but wrecked his car in practice and had to go to the back.

"Great Miller Lite Dodge here today," said Brad Keselwoski. "I defiantly believe,' said Jimmie Johnson when asked on winning his sixth championship.

The race started off with Marcos Ambrose in the race lead while Kyle Busch started to get hot. Kyle was able to get the race lead at lap 15. The green flag racing continued and Kyle stated to break out in a nice sized lead over the field. At lap 45 it was the start of green flag pit stops.

Kyle Busch finally pits on lap 49 and then when the pit stops were over Kyle was back in the race lead. Jimmie Johnson though was able to get out ahead of Brad when the pit stops were over, but only by two spots on the field.

At lap 58 Brad Keslowski was right behind Jimmie Johnson for seventh. At lap 62 Brad Keselowski was able to pass Jimmie on the track for seventh. Jimmie though started to become the hotter car took over sixth place from Brad at lap 75. Carl Edwards was also hot at this time and was closing in on Kyle Busch for the race lead. The green flag racing though came to an end on lap 79 for debris.

The caution brought in the leaders. Kyle Busch won the race off pit road with Brad Keselowski having a bit of a slow pit stop while Jimmie Johnson had no problems on pit road. The race restarted and Kyle Busch easily got the race lead. Martin Truex Jr. though was hot, but could not get the lead of the race. Brad Keselwoski was slowly moving up through the field wile Jimmie Johnson was not.

Martin Truex Jr. though was finally able to get the race lead at lap 117. He made a couple more move to try to get the race lead, but could not do it. At lap 127 it was green flag pit stop time. At lap 128 Martin pits leaving Jimmie Johnson in the race lead for the first time today. Jimmie led only one lap and after all the pit stops were over Kyle Busch took over the race lead. Green flag racing did not go on for too much longer and the next caution for debris came out on lap 142.

brad Keselowski 2012 miami.jpg

The leaders pitted and Jimmie Johnson won the race off pit road as he took only two tires while Brad Keselowski took four and came out 15th. As the race restarted Jimmie Johnson was leading laps as Kyle Busch who had four fresh tires was quickly moving up through the field while Brad Keselowski was only slowly moving up through the field. It was not a long green flag run and at lap 154 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. smacked the wall to bring out the caution. This caution brought in only some cars down pit road for service which included Jimmie Johnson. Brad Keselowski and other cars did stay out.

As the green flag dropped Kyle Busch easily got the race lead while Jimmie Johnson easily got ahead of Brad Keselwoski on the race track. The green flag racing continued and with 69 laps left the green flag pit stop started. Kasey Kahne picked up the lead as Kyle Busch pitted. Kasey pitted four laps later and this left Jimmie Johnson in the race lead. With 62 laps left Brad Keselowski pits. Eight more laps go by and Jimmie Johnson finally pitted, but made a critical mistake and had to make a second pit stop to replace a missing lug nut. That wound up putting him 25th.

With 47 laps left Kyle Busch had the race lead. Six more laps go by and Jimmie Johnson winds up with more car problems and the car went behind the wall ending his chase run. Brad Keselowski was around eighth place at the time as the green flag laps continued to go down.

With 20 laps left Kyle Busch was still in the race lead with Martin Truex Jr. right behind him in second. One lap later Brad Keselwoski comes down pit road for fuel. With 13 laps left Kyle Busch pitted leaving Jeff Gordon in the race lead. As the green flag laps quickly went down Jeff Gordon had enough fuel to win the race. Brad Keselwoski though finished fifteenth.

"The competition is so super," said Rodger Penske on why it was so hard to win the championship.

"This isn't a one man effort," said Brad Keselwoski. "We were not as fast as we wanted to be." "This team is phenomenal," he stated after getting the trophy.

"Defiantly not the result we wanted," said Jimmie Johnson who also thanked his team. 

"This is for Dupont right here," said Jeff Gordon. He stated that at times he thought he did not have a car that could win.

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