The Pit Stop

February 11, 2013 5:38 PM

2013 Sprint Cup Driver Preview Part 6

This is it folks my final driver previews, only four more cars get previewed this time.

21--Trevor Bayne--Wood Brothers Racing
He is back again in this car that is only going to go a half a season with Motorcraft as a sponsor. I see a couple of top tens for him with a shot at a win this season.

33-Austin Dillion--Richard Childress Racing
This is a part time car which could see other drivers in it. Honey Nut Cheerios could be a sponsor for this car. I see Austin getting 3-10 races in the car with one to two top tens.

52--Brian Keselowski--Jimmy Means Racing
He last Sprint Cup race was 2 years ago. Wreaths Across America is the sponsor for his Daytona 500 ride. I do not see this car going a full season and will not even make the Daytona 500 if more than 43 cars show up.

87--Joe Nemecheck--Jay Robinson Racing
This car is expected to go a full season. He was in 31 races last year with not even one top 20 finish. No full sponsorship details are know at this time. I do think this car goes a full season and not even gets one top 20 finish.

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