The Moment Show Recap And Jimmie Johnson Comments

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Jimmie Johnson denies that he was involved in the Penske penalty mess.

The Moment USA Show Recap

The show started off with Kyle Shields and his family. They got into his money problems whaich was stopping him from racing. Then the host Kurt Warner showed up to give Kyle a chance of a lifetime to get a second shot at his dream which is a contract to race with Richard Childress Racing.

Kyle wound up having to go through four different challenges and an interview to impress everyone at Richard Childress Racing. Truck Series driver Brendan Gaughan was with him to help him on his journey. His first challenge was 20 lap event on a dirt track in North Carolina. Kyle started out okay leading the 20 lap event. Then he wobbled a bit on one lap which caused his opponet to take the lead. After that occured Kyle was not really listening to his spotter and was having trouble finding the fastest way around the track. With around 2 laps left he spun out.

The second challenge was at a go-kart track where the pro time was 53 seconds. He wound up beating that in his one and only single lap run on that track. Then the real challege began as a few extra drivers were added into the mix for a few lap event. He was moving up through the field nicely, but on the final lap he was too busy looking around at the other drivers he lost focus and positions on the track.

Then Kyle and Brendan had a conversation on him not being a closer.

The third challenge was a blindfold challenge in a four wheel UTV and a spotter. At the start he was having problems like going off track, but in the end he was performing rather well in the 4 wheel UTV.

The final challenge was at the Rockingham Speedway. First a helicopter came down carrying Richard Childress who said a little something and handed him his driving suit that fit him perfectly. Then they went in to a motor-home to change his clothing with his family members in it as a big surprise. His final challenge was a 10 lap attempt to get a lap time under 26.04 seconds which was a qualifying time at the track. Brendan took him out on the track to show him some massive bumps.

His first lap was slow which was expected, but after five laps he was told to pit. He was still over four seconds back of qualifying time.They put some fresh rubber on his car and he was back out on the track. This time he was pulling down faster and faster laps, but in the end he was around 1.5 seconds off qualifying pace.

Next up was the interview which included Truck series driver Ty Dillion and some other Richard Childress Racing employees. He looked confident in the interview. He did say that he needed more seat time. He left and went back to his family who were watching him from like the VIP Suites area of the track. The interviewers came back and told him that he was not going to get a contract with Richard Childress Racing.

My short opinion on his chance was that he did not get enough laps on the final challenge. I think if he had an extra five laps on the first set of tires he could have gotten under 30 seconds. Then with another five laps I thing he could of had a lap under 27 seconds. That still would have not met the 26.04 second standard. Ty Dillion this year qualified his Truck at the track this year at 25 seconds. I do not know how well the truck was set up for Kyle. It may have helped Kyle to have seen Ty drive five quick laps around the track to show off a perfect line for a lap at the track. I do not think his chance at a contract would have improved much if he did win the go-kart race, but it certainly would have helped.

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