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Front Row Motorsports Goes 1-2 At Talladega

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david ragan 2013 Talladega.jpgAfter one of the most amazing finishes of the NASCAR year on Saturday the Sprint Cup drivers took to the track. The race started on time, but the drivers had to avoid the big one and rain that was forecasted to fall sometime in the afternoon.

The race started off with cars getting three wide right out of the gates. Then at lap 3 it was two wide racing up front. Martin Truex Jr. started out leading the race and then Matt Kenseth got up front to the race lead. At lap 7 it was single wide racing up front. At lap 20 it was unscheduled pit stop time for Dale Earnhardt Jr. as he wound up with some damage from a hit with Travis Kvapil. The first caution though came out at lap 22 as Trevor Bayne and his car was smoking big time.

Most of the leaders pitted and Denny Hamlin made a change in drivers over to Brian Vickers. Nine cars though stayed out at least a lap before pitting. The race restarted with Matt Kenseth in the race lead. After a small bunch of laps it was major wreck time as Kyle Busch helps Kasey Kahne spins out. Then they both help take out the Denny Hamlin car, Casey Mears, Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle, Marcos Ambrose, Kevin Harvick, Jamie McMurray, David Reutimann, Jeff Burton, and more.

"I'm all right", said Kyle Busch. He also stated he wanted to go on the outside, but before he could do it he wound up wrecking him(Kasey Kahne).

"I'm fine," said Kasey Kahne.

As the cars pitted a bunch of cars took four tires just to be safe.

The race restarted again with Matt Kenseth leading the race. Ryan Newman though got hot and took over the race lead. Than at lap 59 Matt Kenseth was back to the race lead as the race started to move to long single line of cars up front. At lap 88 the first round of green flag pit stop stops started. At lap 90 the cars in the top five pitted. After the pit stops were over Matt Kenseth was back to leading the race.

Rain at this time was close to the track as the pit stops were occurring.

As the green flag racing continued it was one long single line of cars with Matt just logging laps as the leader. With around 72 laps left the cars up front started to go two wide and Jimmie Johnson took over the race lead. After a few more laps Ricky Stenhouse Jr. with a couple of more Ford cars too over the race lead. Then Carl Edwards took over the race lead as the caution came out for rain. At the time of the caution it was close to a second round of green flag pit stops.

At lap 125 the cars stopped on pit road and tarps got to be put on tops of the cars as we went to a red flag condition around 3:18 PM. The rain delay even with the new Titan drying system took over 3 hours and 30 minutes before they could get back to racing. The Juan Pablo Montoya car though had trouble restarting and went behind the wall to get it started again.

When the pit road finally opened cars came down for service with Joey Logano winning the race off pit road. Kurt Busch and a few other cars stayed out, but over the next few laps some of them start pitting.

With 58 laps left the race finally restarted and Bobby Labonte was leading the race while it was three wide in the back. After a few laps Matt Kenseth got the lead back. Then the high line with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. at the front of it started to get hot.

With 45 laps left the car Joey Logano was driving went south and then it got single file up front. A second group of cars a few seconds back started to go to the low side in the corners and caught the lead pack with 30 laps left. With 22 laps left Matt Kenseth a bunch of other cars pit. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Martin Truex Jr. both picked up a penalty for entering pit road too fast on pit road. After the pit stops were over Jimmie Johnson was the race leader. The caution finally came out with 15 laps left as Michael McDowell smacked the wall.

This caution brought only a few cars down pit road for service. The race restarted with 10 laps left with Jimmie Johnson leading the race. With 8 laps left Regan Smith made it three wide with a monster move to pass a bunch a bunch of cars to take the race lead. Then with six laps left the second big one occurred that was wilder than the first. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. tries to go four wide, but J.J Yeley got hit and then took out Kurt Busch who went in the air and landed on the car on Ryan Newman. Bobby Labonte, Martin Truex Jr., Jamie McMurray, Danica Patrick, and more got damage from this wreck.

"I was trying to win the race," said J.J. Yeley. "Got hit in the right rear corner."

"That is no way to tend the race," said Ryan Newman.

This brought out the green-white-checkered finish and the only one NASCAR is going to use. Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards started out leading the final two laps. Then on the final lap David Ragan with help from his teammate David Gilliland got hooked up for the push of their careers to take the race lead. They were so fast they both wound up passing Carl and Matt. They both survived to finish one-two to give Front Row Racing its first win ever in NASCAR.

"This is a true David vs. Goliath moment here," said David Ragan.

"What a great day for Front Row Motorsports," said David Gilliland. His second place finish is the best of his career.

"Disappointing ending to the day," said Matt Kenseth who finished eighth.

Regan Smith Wins A Very Wild Talladega race.

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Regan Smith 2013 Talladega.jpgAfter a good three hour rain delay the Arron's 312 race from Talladega finally got under way. Travis Pastrana picked off his poll of his NASCAR career. Cars were then trying to avoid more bad weather, the big wreck, and darkness.

The race started out with the pair of Travis Pastrana and Trevor Bayne leading the race. At lap six a Trevor and Travis changed spots which help put Ty Dillion in thr race lead. Then at lap eight Kasey Kahne was the race leader. Then next up to lead the race was Elliott Sadler. The caution though came out at lap 14 as Danica Patrick spins out with some help from Kyle Larson. This caution wound up being the competition caution. Cars pitted under the caution.

After the race restarted Joey Logano was the race leader. Justin Allgaier and Brian Vickers also got to lead laps during this green flag run. The racing went to a yellow flag condition at lap 35 as Kyle Larson blows a tire and then takes out Jeffrey Earnhardt. Leaders pitted with Joey Logano winning the race off pit road again.

The race restarted again with Joey Loagno leading laps. Elliott Sadler, Brian Scott, Kasey Kahne, Reed Sorenson, Trevor Bayne, and Regan Smith all got to lead laps under this long green flag run. With 49 laps left Elliott Sadler ran into engine problems. The green flag racing finally came to an end at lap 72 as Reed Sorenson spins out with some help from Brian Scott and takes out Travis Pastrana.

"I tried to check up," said Travis Pastrana. "Just devastated for the team."

The leaders pit and Joey Logano wins the race off pit road again. Kasey Kahne though got a penalty on pit road for a tire violation. During this green flag run Joey Coulter, Joey Logano, Kurt Busch, Parker Kligerman, and Kasey Kahne got to lead laps under this green flag run. With 30 laps left Blake Koch winds up getting taped and smacked into the wall to bring out the caution. Cars from fifth place back pitted.

With 25 laps left the race restarted, but rain was in the area. It was short green flag run and the big one occurred. Sam Hornish Jr., Johanna Long, Trevor Bayne, Bobby Gerhart, Eric McClure, Brian Scott, Mike Harmon, Ty Dillion, and More.
"I have no idea," said Brian Scott on what happened.

"I don't really know," said Johanna Long on what happened.

During this caution the NASCAR said the race would be 10 laps shorter.

The race restarted with seven laps left and Kurt Busch in the race lead. At the end of the lap Regan Smith was in the race lead. At the end of the next lap Kurt Busch got back in the race lead. With three laps left Austin Dillion had the race lead. At the end of the lap Joey Coulter gets spun out to bring out the caution. This led to a green/white checkered single attempt now finish for the race.

When the race restarted Austin Dillion had a good push to get the race lead. On the final lap though it got super wild. Elliott Sadler, Alex Bowman, and others in the back wrecked. Up front though in the final turn it became three wide for the race lead with Regan Smith, Joey Logano, and Kasey Kahne fighting for the top spot. As the cars started to wreck Regan Smith took a tiny lead over Joey Logano. As the top three were still going full throttle Kasey Kahne on the high side had such a run he beat Joey and Regan by inches at the start/finish line. After an official review by NASCAR Regan Smith took the race as he was barely leading Joey at the time the caution lights came out.

Regan Smith stated that he saw cars jamming up in turn three and made his move.

"I'm happy for Regan," said Kasey Kahne. He also stated that he was surprised they through out the caution.

"I don't know when they through out the caution," said Joey Logano. "Discount Tire Guys did great."

Rain Has Killed Sprint Cup Qualifying

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this afternoon which puts Carl Edwards on the poll.  Denny Hamlin will start seventh, but is expected to not finish the race. 

Kurt Busch though is going to be testing an Indy Car and could run the Indy 500 somday.

3:40PM update:  Rain is still in the area.  If the one blob of rain goes away they can dry the track and go racing.  I do not know when that will be.

Weather, Sponsorship, And Travis Pastrana News

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Travis Pastrana is going to be be on the poll for the Saturday race.

Weather though could be a factor on Saturday and Sunday as rain is in the forecast for the area.  They do have the new high tech track drying system ready to if needed.

David Rgaan has Farm Rich as a sponsor this Sunday.

David Gilliand has Love's Travel Stops as a sponsor this Sunday.
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Denny Hamlin Is Still Waiting For NASCAR

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approval to race at Tallaega. 

UPDATE:  He has now been cleared to race this weekend.

NASCAR Wins First Penalty Fight.

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All the penalties so far for Penske have been upheld by NASCAR.  Penske is going to take it to the next level.

Michael Waltrip will be in the #55 car this Sunday at Talladega.

Tire test speeds at Indy have reached over 210 MPH

AOL On Network is going to air a 10 part series on Dylan Kwasniewski that is trying to make in NASCAR


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