The Purple Trojan

June 7, 2009 5:23 PM

Brett Favre Update: Favre Has Surgery

Well, another intriguing note in the Brett Favre saga has risen to the shore. As many know, Brett Favre has been making many splashes this offseason, especially because it is reported he wants to come back and play for a team he hated his entire prolonged career.

ESPN reported earlier today that Favre had arthrospoic surgery on his throwing arm, something that was said to occur if he decided to suit up in the Purple and Gold:

Brett Favre's determination to play quarterback this season for the Minnesota Vikings prompted him to undergo arthroscopic surgery to repair his injured passing shoulder recently, according to two sources.

Just another interesting piece to note for us Minnesota Vikings fans. Whether you hate the idea or love it, it is still very interesting. And we need to keep up with this long and ongoing story. 

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