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July 29, 2009 8:52 PM

Brett Favre Cheated the Minnesota Vikings

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Well, Brett Favre has finally retired. For now.

With the whirlwind he created, I beg the question if he robbed the Minnesota Vikings.

It truly seems Brett Favre was to the Minnesota Vikings as Hurricane Katrina was to New Orleans in 2005.

Favre has left the Vikings in shambles.

And actually he didn't ever "land" with Minnesota. He stormed through the organization like a raging Tornado and left it as quick as Usain Bolt to deal with the problems.

Toying with the Vikings for the entirety of the postseason is one thing. But then to turn your back on them, and announce that he is staying retired is a whole other level. And then doing it just two days before Vikings open up Training Camp is another.

Talk about waiting until the last minute.

There is no question while Favre was waffling with this decision that the team was being organized for that possibility, including re-working their extensive playbook.

Now Favre has left the Vikings out in the cold.

This game of cat and mouse between the Vikings and Future Hall-of-Famer Brett Favre was devastating for the Vikings.

News broke out last week that Minnesota's top players, including Adrian Peterson, were texting Favre and insisting he should come out of retirement and play for the Purple and Gold.

Bad news for Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels, huh? Probably as bad as it can get.

There is certainly a lot of negative to center in on in this mess.

But let's take a gander at the positives.

At least the Vikings will be able to zero in on the real quarterback competition for the entire Training Camp. At the least this four-month debacle of a situation is finally at its conclusion.

At the least there is no more doubt in anyone's mind that Favre could possibly play with the Vikings.

Or did he leave the door open when he said he could be ready to play by November 1? Which is coincidentally a Vikings-Packers game at historic Lambeau Field. It's an interesting fixture, but something that I would rather see closed.

Earlier this summer, I stated I was excited about the possible return of Favre. And, although I am truly disappointed in his decision, I am more excited just to know we can move on.

An incredible amount of a team's success is based off chemistry. More than the average person believes. And for the Vikings, reigning NFC North Champions and Super Bowl hopefuls, that can't be any more true.

With the Favre mess behind us for now, Minnesota can look ahead with their talent-filled roster, defending their division championship, and possibly - I say this optimistically - fighting for the Super Bowl.

And the answer to the earlier question: Yes, Brett Favre robbed the Vikings this offseason.

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