The Purple Trojan

September 27, 2009 2:17 PM

Favre Etches Himself into Minnesota Lore

With one play--and one drive--Brett Favre has etched himself into Minnesota Vikings' lore. 

With just over a minute to play in today's game, he led the Vikings to an imporbable game-winning drive.

Backed on their own 20-yard line, with no timeouts, Favre stepped up. Pass after pas, completion after completion, he took the Vikings to the 49ers 32-yard line with :12 to go. 

Favre then scrambled in the pocket, and rocketed a pass to the back of the end zone to Greg Lewis! Touchdown! 

Here's the play, with the NFL on FOX broadcasting team calling the game:

Lewis, who caught only one ball all afternoon, barely got two feet in bounds--and I mean, barely--to give the Vikings the edge. 

Brett Favre threw for over 300 yards, threw 46 times, and came up big when he was needed. 

Maybe that $25 million is starting to pay off. 

Wow, incredible! 

The Vikings are now 3-0 and are playing as good as football as anyone is in this league. Love it!

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