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March 28, 2010 10:16 AM

Oh yes, 'The Madness' continues

Another wild weekend of college basketball is over. 


And the madness didn't skip a beat. 


It started on Thursday in the Round of 16 with another No. 1 seed getting knocked off by eventual Final Four foe, Butler. And continued with one of the best college basketball games in recent years with Xavier and Kansas State going to double-overtime that included epic game-tying trays and the excitement of Gus Johnson calling the game. 


It continued Friday with the likes of Tennessee and Ohio State battling until the final minutes, and the departure of Cinderella slipper-wearing Northern Iowa. 


The Elite Eight also didn't disappoint. Butler surprised college basketball nation by getting to their first ever Final Four in history. And then saw the third No. 1 seed in Kentucky get knocked out by West Virginia. 


Picture 1.png


Tom Izzo continued his dominance of the second games of the weekend, improving to 16-3, and getting Michigan State to its second consecutive Final Four. And Coach K improved to 13-1 in Regional Finals, sending the only No. 1 seed in the final weekend. 


With two 5-seeds, a 2-seed, and a single 1-seed, this year's tournament has been shaped by upsets. Starting with the first set of games on the opening round, the heart-beating action hasn't stopped. 


But, with an exciting and upset-centric tournament, come many losers in the many pools across the country. 


After my champion, Kansas, was eliminated last week, I thought I was done. However, when everybody else's champions were eliminated, I quickly found myself in the 98th percentile on ESPN's Bracket Challenge and 97% on Yahoo. Not too bad, yeah?


In fact, only about 200 of ESPN's 4.8 million brackets submitted online had all four correct Final Four picks. Wow. 


Although I will probably not be the champion of any of my pools, I am willing to give way to a NCAA Tournament full of upsets and exciting times. That's what the tourney is all about anyways, right?


It's definitely better than having all four No. 1 seeds reach the Final Four, like, oh, last year. 


Let's hope the Final Four can continue to produce some memorable moments. Although my picks could change before next week, right now, here's what I got: MIchigan State over Butler, West Virginia over Duke, West Virginia over Michigan State. 

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