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June 17, 2010 10:52 PM

Boston Celtics Scrub/USC Alum Gets Game 7 PT

Watching tonight's Game 7 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics is quite fun. The jitters are everywhere. The anticipation was there all week.


The stars from both teams are coming out to play. 


But all sports fans know championships are won from the team effort. The rest of the starting cast and bench players all help their team win titles. 



One reserve player for the Celtics is USC alum Brian Scalabrine. Known for his good style of defensive play and red hair, Scalabrine is used as an energy guy. 


He averaged 1.5 points per game, 0.9 rebounds per game and 0.1 blocks per game. That's quality right there. 


During this whole NBA Finals series--and the majority of the 2010 postseason--he was sitting on the bench with a suit, not playing. 


But when it matters most, he got some playing time in tonight's crucial Game 7. Celtics coachDoc Rivers subbed him in during the final seconds of the 1st half and the 3rd quarter.


The news was so shocking and exciting, it made its way toTwitter. And boy, did it ever. It made its way to the third ranking of Twitter's Trending Topics. 


Picture 7.png

As of now, the game is still going on. The Lakers just took the lead. We will see what players came up big in crunch time. And who didn't.


If I didn't say it before, Go Lakers!

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