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June 19, 2010 9:33 PM

Lakers Win Title, Fans Riot

It's one of the strangest things. I just can't quite get it. 


If the Los Angeles Lakers lost, I could somewhat rationalize the outrageous acts. But that's not the case.




After the Lakers won the NBA title last season in Orlando, riots broke out all over Downtown LA. Police seemed to not be ready for what happened last year. Cars were smashed, burned, completely wrecked. 


Because of last year's spontaneous events, LAPD made it clear they would be ready this time around--if, of course, riots did break out. 


I heard on al the local news channels Wednesday night that they were doubling the police force around Downtown LA on Thursday night. I also read that they were blocking off the area right at STAPLES Center and LA Live.


(This report actually forced my roommate and myself NOT to head to the stadium to experience the atmosphere.) 


Anyways, Thursday night then came. And the Lakers did win the NBA championship. 


Operation: Stop Riots officially began. 


The LAPD did a good job not allowing any riots right outside the stadium. It's just that 3 blocks away, all hell broke loose.


This video highlights some of the rioting that happened Thursday night.

And this one details one cruel incident. It shows a rowdy crowd vandalizing and burning a taxi cab.


To be honest, it's just pitiful stuff. After one of the most recognizable sports teamS in the U.S. wins another championship for your city, all these hooligans go tear up the city.


For what purpose?


Who knows. I just don't get it.

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