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June 1, 2010 9:38 PM

LeBron James is Center of Universe

In the NBA world, outside of the pending Lakers-Celtics Finals, the other growing news revolves around star LeBron James.


James, the seven-year veteran who grew up in Ohio, resurrected the city of Cleveland and created a following of "Witnesses," is facing free agency this offseason. 


There has been much speculation that he may leave Cleveland for a few reasons, including having a bigger contractimproving his odds for a championship and expanding his global brand.



Possible destinations include: ChicagoDallasNew YorkNew Jersey,Miami and--of course--Cleveland.


News came out today via CNN's Larry King that Cleveland has the "edge" to keep James during the years for his new contract, citing what the city has done for him and that he's "comfortable" there. 


James headlines possibly the greatest free agent class of all time. Other names include Dwayne WadeChris BoshAmar'e StoudemireDirk Nowitzki and Joe Johnson


There are also rumors of a Free Agent Summit, where a few of these stellar free agents may team up together and could find themselves playing in the same same city for the next few seasons.




Not a bad plan when championships and global branding are on the horizon.


The Summit has become such a big deal now, that you can play the "Free Agent Slot Machine" on a simple spin will randomly place the 8 top free agents into possible destinations.

But once July 1 hits--the day when free agency begins--we will know a lot more. For all we know, James could sign with Cleveland next week. 

And until the date he actually does sign with whatever team, he will just sit back and enjoy the glory. He is the most wanted NBA player of all-time.


Not a bad way to look at yourself.

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