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June 19, 2010 10:58 AM

Ron Artest: Greatest Champion

Fresh off the Los Angeles Lakers' 16th NBA Title, Kobe Bryant also celebrated his fifth ring. 


But winning a title is a collective effort.

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One of the key players for the Lakers' championship run this season was starting forward Ron Artest. Artest--who has had a wild career (Choke sign to Kobe and the Malice in the Palace) in the NBA--came to the Los Angeles last offseason for one dream: to win a championship. 


It only took him one year to accomplish the mission.

In a season of ups and downs, Artest ended on the up. In Thursday night's Game 7, he scored 20 points, hauled in 5 rebounds and managed to have 5 steals. 


And after the final buzzer rang, no one was happier than Ron Artest. He finally got his championship. 


Here is a clip from the immediate post-game interview with ESPN/ABC's Dorris Burke. He quickly thanked his "hood" and his psychiatrist. Classic interview, believe me.

But the BEST part of the night was Artest in his post-game presser. Entering the media room with such excitement, you can see the energy and enthusiasm he has on his face. Pure joy. 


Highlighted in this video:


  • The fact he was happy Kobe passed him the ball
  • He only answered three questions in a 10-minute span
  • He was happy--and surprised--he played 46 minutes in the game
  • He was ready to hit the clubs
  • He's the happiest person in the world right now


Yes, it's safe to say, Ron Artest is the greatest champion ever. The pure joy and excitement he had after winning his first title is something to remember.


It's nice to have these professional athletes jump around and get excited like little kids again. 


It's why I love sports. 

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