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June 9, 2010 10:43 PM

The Ultimate Twitter Guide for World Cup

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa officially kicks off Friday. For those of you who are on Twitter and fans of the World Cup, check out some of these guidelines to maximize your World Cup watching, borrowed from




As most Twitter experts know, using hashtags is a great way to promote your tweets and gain access to real-live updates about a certain person or event. 


As of now, the hashtag #worldcup is the most popular World Cup-related hashtag. Then followed by #wc2010 and #CopaMundial, the meaning of World Cup in Spanish. 

Another way to use appropriate hashtags is to name countries, like#England, #USA or #Brazil.



Twitter Lists


There are also numerous Lists on Twitter that include people related directly to the World Cup and will provide ground-breaking Twitter updates. 


Check out Mashable's great site for numerous lists. 


World Cup Twitter Pages


Of course, the best way to learn interesting World Cup news is through official Twitter news sources. Below, you will find some of the best news sources for World Cup info: 


2010 FIFA World Cup


US Soccer


CNN Soccer


NY Times Goal 


AP World Cup


Sports Illustrated Soccer


World Cup Scores


I, by no means, consider myself a big fan of soccer. I had an internship with the Los Angeles Galaxy and watch the UEFA Champions/Premier leagues finals. And other than the rarely-occurring World Cup, that's about it.


But I love the thrill of competition. And the World Cup is the essence of global competition. 


It's a month of complete chaos. 


And I know I will be in World Cup heaven with Twitter on my side. You should, too. 

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