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September 24, 2009 5:28 PM

Sean Avery is at it again.

 honestly think Sean "Sloppy seconds" Avery is good for the NHL; the man is a drama queen he give hockey bloggers so much to talk about. This time he zings his own team from last season. Now mind you this is the only team that would have him after he was disowned by the Dallas Stars.

Avery, who arrived in March after alienating himself in Dallas, said of the retooled Rangers: "We're excited to get the season going and just about being together" - a stark difference, in his opinion, from last season.

"It was a long year," he said, referring to the 2008-09 Blueshirts. "I think it was a lot of smoke and mirrors with the team - I don't think it was as close as a lot of people indicated."
[New York Daily News]

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