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September 7, 2009 5:26 PM

The situation in Boston is getting worse.

The situation in Boston is only getting uglier by the day. This article basically says what I have thought all along that the current GM Peter Chiarelli is using very simular tactics of the former GM Harry Sinden and Mike O'Connell with their take it or leave it attitude. As a fan I am frustrated because there is a common line of thinking when you score 36 goals are the top goal score on the team you should be compensated for it, and a player shouldn't have to feel guilty for asking for it. The Bruins without Kessel aren't as prolific scoring wise. No one in the current line up came close to matching the 36 goals that Kessel scored Michael Ryder  scored 27 last season. I don't blame Kessel's agent for taking that stance. Phil should be paid at least 3.75 million in my opinion. 

Kessel opted to head home to Wisconsin in August after reporting to the Team USA Orientation Camp in Illinois, and it's hard to blame him given the complete lack of progress with the Bruins on the contract front.

Kessel led the team in goals by a wide margin with his 36 strikes last season as a 21-year-old while also suffering through a bout of mononucleosis during the toughest stretch of games for the B's last season.

Following the season, the wunderkind scorer watched his good friend David Krejci bank a three-year, $3.75 million deal in the first few weeks of the summer, and Kessel naturally assumed his turn was coming next in the following few weeks.

But then the B's signed fellow restricted free agents Byron Bitz and Matt Hunwick to multi-year deals, and filled out the rest of their roster.

Kessel and agent Wade Arnott understandably expected - given his status as a high first-round pick, his track record of improved scoring through three NHL seasons straight out of college and the sizeable leap made from his second to third seasons - that the burgeoning Bruins sniper would bank a bit more than Krejci given his hockey resume and player comparables around the NHL.

But that deal never came to fruition in the first few weeks after the Krejci agreement, and then the trade rumor came down with Kessel wrapped up in a very public botched deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs for Tomas Kaberle.

The aborted Leafs/Bruins trade was followed by long weeks of deafening silence. Contrary to some reports, Kessel's camp has not refused a series of proposed deals by the Bruins. There has simply been nothing beyond an offer below Krejci money, which was rejected out of hand. [WEEI]   


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